Love Pain + Latex

Unique catsuit worn by Suma

his unique piece was designed just for the video we did with Suma. She is 172 tall and wear size S. It suits perfect if you 170 – 180 cm because its without a ziper anr must be entered by the collar. It is unique because only one piece was ever hand made. It like new because its only worn once for this video. We hope some true kinkster who is worthy buy it. With your purchaise you support a young and pervert talent – Thank You 🤍

Collectible item

Size S
170 – 180 cm tall
Color transparent

This catsuit was worn during the following dirty videos

Deserved punishment

If a girl aren’t nice, she will get punished for it. If i only would remember what she did? How ever… It seems she like it to much to get slaped. Then i tried the whip, which also did more plesure to her… what else could i do more? min full HD Video