Love Pain + Latex

Pretty and Misanthropic


Hey my dears. I discovered latex a few years ago and have loved it ever since. My videos are my personal fetish diary. Sometimes I like it hard and sometimes dirty. But above all, I love discovering new things and mastering pervert challenges and exploring my limits. I hope you like my content.

Pleasing ropes

As he told me to come over and hang around I wasn’t thinking about this.
Full of excitement I dressed in this shiny purple latex catsuit and got my favourite mask on.
When he startet to tie me up I couldn’t imagine what’s gonna happen next to me and when the master hanged me with my hands and legs tied up so I couldn’t move then i knew it’s going to be a hot and also tough time for me.
Altough I enjoyed that spiritual sexperience very much.
Especially when he pulled up the fucking machine and got me to the edge until I could’t hold my juices in anymore.
Watch me getting my deserved BDSM-Pleasure 😈

Tied and corrupted angel

Video content

Tied to knies with my hands tight. I feelt good and couldn’t wait what will happen. The master was so nice and let me choose between a blind and an open mask. How nice of him 🙂 I chose the second. Full of tension i could wait for what he will use me to. Small spoiler “it could have been harder”. After he tied me up, i was allowed to show my talent and blow his cock deep down to my throat. It was a mindblowing experience and I’m already looking forward to the next time I can produce here again.