Love Pain + Latex



It’s a funny story how I got here. Actually out of pure curiosity and because you can support my talent here. I love wearing latex dresses. And I was able to discover my hidden talent here in my first video. But honestly. The dirty work i do on this site is my secret. I exclusively shoot such kinky fetish videos for love pain + latex.
Anonymously in latex I can let myself go and enjoy every session. For the time being I will definitely not show my face. but who knows… If you support me and make me a kinky superstar, I’ll definitely show myself at some point 😉

Rubbersub tabelservice

Uh, this one video🫣😄 The dom was so mean. Imagine being punished and if you fail you get even more punishment. Haha, what a bad forecast. So I did my best… and the pain only got more intense. Watch yourself how it ends.